Underfloor heating is often associated with luxury, nothing feels better than the warm sensation you get on a cold winters day, however it is turning into a must have in your home as a great alternative to radiators and hot air heating systems. There are two different options when it comes to underfloor heating – wet and dry – both of which play on the principle of rising heat.

Whereas the wet system pumps water through pipes, the dry system uses metal coils underneath your floor. Both systems are hidden under your floor (works on the majority of flooring), helping you to achieve a sleek, stylish look, away from bulky radiators on walls. As well as looking the part it is also incredibly functional. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the whole room as opposed to just certain areas, consequently your underfloor heating will heat a larger area.

Although it may be more trouble to fit in an existing room, underfloor heating is available to a new room or current room, making it a very flexible heating option which is readily available. Installation costs aren’t a set price and can therefore vary depending on factors such as what system you choose, the space you want covered and what sort of room you are installing it in. Although installation costs may be pricy, this form of heating is energy efficient, effortless to run, gives you more space for a stylish home and gives you that little bit of luxury on a cold day.


Article written by Faye Brooks