This month, Tom Burton shares a recipe from one of his many dishes available at The Palfrey.

Tom Burton is the former Sous chef and now Head Chef of The Palfrey. He has been with the company for over a year now and cannot wait to get back into the Palfrey kitchen to be cooking up a storm again for customers new and old. With ten years’ experience at some of Derby’s most popular restaurants, he has a deep passion about food, with a special interest in Nordic cuisine. This focuses on local produce that is simple and seasonal. He hopes to bring this Scandinavian attitude to the Derby food scene. This sea bream dish is one from last summer which was a hit with the regulars, very summery and light – perfect for this beautiful weather.

Pan fried Sea bream – with chorizo, confit peppers, jersey royals, olives, dill, king prawns

For 2 people

2x Fillets of Sea Bream
50gx Chorizo
150gx Kalamata olives
50gx sun dried tomatoes
2x garlic cloves
2tsp x smoked paprika
1x Red pepper, deseeded and julienne
300gx Jersey royal potatoes
6x king prawns
1 lemon zest and juice
1 bag of dill
300ml of pomace oil
Maldon sea salt

1) Start by making the olive crumb. Drain the olives, add to a food processor and blend into a thick puree. Transfer this mixture to a parchment or Silpat-lined rimmed baking sheet and spread in a thin, even layer. Transfer to the oven and cook until fully dehydrated (4 hours). Let mixture rest in the oven with the door left ajar until completely cool, about 1 hour. Transfer mixture to a food processor or spice blender and process until a rough powder is formed. To finish grate lemon zest through it.

2) Next is the dill oil. Pick the through the leaves, and set aside any thick stalks. Blanch the thick stalks first in boiling water until tender then add the leaves, boil for one minute then put into an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Remove from water once cooled, drain excess water, add oil into blender with the dill, salt and blend until combined. Once this is done put through a chinios or sieve with a jay cloth in to drain through.

3) Slice your jersey royals in half, then par boil them in boiling salted water for approx 10 minutes until they are just tender, then set to one side to cool.

4) Julienne the red pepper, season with salt, put into a pan with olive oil and the garlic and cook on a low heat until soft.

5) Heat a pan with oil. Once hot add the jersey royals and while they start to brown slice the chorizo into 1-2cm thick pieces and add to the pan. Once coloured on one side turn over and reduce the heat of the flame. At this stage add paprika, peppers and sun dried tomato and gently warm through, to finish add butter.

6) Heat a second pan with oil on medium heat, lightly slice the skin of the sea bream fillets and season with salt,, Once the oil starts to freely move around the pan, add the fillets, cooking skin side down for 3 minutes without moving, then turn over and fry for a further 2 minutes. Add butter to finish. Once cooked set aside to rest for 2 minutes, during this time put the prawns into the still hot pan making sure not to burn the butter, season with salt, pepper, paprika and a squeeze of lemon. While these are cooking start to plate up your dish, the prawns should take no more than a couple of minutes to cook, they will curl up once cooked and change colour to a light pink.

7) To finish the dish, crumble the olive crumb over the top along with a splash of dill oil

Chef tip

If you struggle to get a crispy skin on the fish, try adding seasoned flour to the skin before pan frying or by putting grease proof paper into the pan with a little bit of oil to stop it catching.

A mocktail to compliment the sea bream dish; Apple and Fennel Soda

Created by Head Bartender Adam Britton-Prior

paltry mocktails

Adam Britton-Prior started his cocktail career in Derby, back in 2015 at Revolucion De Cuba. Over the past three years and particularly over the last year during his time at The Palfrey, he has developed a growing passion for mixology, leading to his promotion within the business. When The Palfrey re-opens he will be taking on the role of head bartender, which will be his first. He hopes to offer something different to the Derby cocktail scene in terms of flavour and appearance, taking inspiration from larger more cosmopolitan cities, such as Nottingham and Manchester. He plans to use exotic fruits and ingredients sourced locally to create a bespoke and unique cocktail menu, and also devise cocktail creations, which will compliment the dishes on offer on the food menu.


2 x 1” slices of fennel
2 x wedges of lime
Half shot of sugar syrup
Apple Juice
Aromatic Tonic

Muddle the slices of fennel with the lime wedges in a glass and then add the half shot of sugar syrup. Add crushed ice to the glass and then half fill with apple juice. Finally top with aromatic tonic.




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